Lonely Days – Yohanna Nainggolan

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Anyone can come and go in our lives.
Like the winds blow, there are times where it blows and we feel cold. But there are times where it was not blowing too. There was only feeling so tired and swelter.

I want to tell you a little bit, about the process of making the song Lonely Days that I created myself.
Recalling a past event, I was sick, weak and helpless. Things I could do was sing, read scripture and prayed, awaiting God’s answered my prayer.

I didn’t know from where the strains whisper and lyrics Lonely Days could be present. Originally it was just a murmur in spinning around in my head, which ultimately could stick with a very good pat on the head. The lyrics of the song slowly came by itself. And enough to strengthen me in those days. There was no day without me not to sing this song. Giving more power and also a huge boost of motivation to get rid of.

Yes, absolutely right that only God -the one and only-, who will never leave us alone.
What and however the conditions we face.

Enjoy this song on the following
Yohanna Nainggolan – Lonely Days
God Bless us

Lonely Days
Taken from “My Redeemer” – Yohanna Nainggolan’s
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Sendiri dan sesat
Kau Allah yang temani
Sendiri dan bingung
Hanya Kau yang setia

In my lonely days
There’s no one here beside me
In my lonely days
You’re the one taking care of me

Reff: Hanya kau Tuhan yang slalu setia
Yes you only God Who always hold my hands

In my lonely days
You’re the one taking care of me

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